Prepare the perfect Ground Zeroes save file for Metal Gear Solid 5

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When Metal Gear Solid 5 is released on September 1st, you’ll be able to transfer your Ground Zeroes save file. Konami has been vague about what exactly will carry over, but Kojima confirmed in March that the rewards would include Snake’s sneaking suit, Mother Base staff, and the ability to return to Camp Omega.

“People will be able to return to Camp Omega in The Phantom Pain,” he told Geoff Keighley in a Gamescom video interview. “There’s actually something of a big feature involved, which has never been done in the games industry before. I can’t go into detail about it, but I think when you experience it for yourselves you’ll be surprised. It’s something that’s only possible through video games.”

Intriguing! What could he mean? Kojima also revealed that any prisoners of war you rescued in Ground Zeroes will become staff in your Mother Base. So with the game just a week away, it might be worth returning to GZ and extracting any POWs or VIPs you missed. Here’s where you can find them, and in which missions.

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Ground ZeroesExtractions 7

As well as Paz and Chico—who you need to extract to finish the mission—there are four POWs locked up in the cells area. Pick the locks to free them. There’s also a prisoner about to be executed in the refugee camp near where you start the mission. Head there after you rescue Chico. If you’re too slow he’ll be killed.

Eliminate the Renegade ThreatExtractions 4

There are two POWs in the cells area. Again, pick the locks to free them. You can also extract The Eye (Glaz) and The Finger (Palitz) by helicopter instead of assassinating them. They should be useful additions to your combat team.

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Intel Operative RescueExtractions 1

This is the mission where you have to protect and extract series creator Hideo Kojima. He was recruitable as Mother Base staff in Peace Walker, so it seems likely he’ll return in The Phantom Pain—hopefully with an equally high intel rank.

Classified Intel AcquisitionExtractions 5

There are two undercover agents in this mission. The first is the main target, whose photo is on your iDroid. The second is a bald soldier who can be found near where Paz was held in Ground Zeroes, or patrolling the camp. Make sure you interrogate the bald guy first to unlock a secret tape. Finally, there are three POWs in the cells area.

Destroy the Anti-Air EmplacementsExtractions 4

There are three POWs in the cells, and another where Paz was located in Ground Zeroes. Extracting these guys can be tricky as, throughout this mission, the camp is constantly on alert. But you do get an achievement for your troubles at least.

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So that’s 21 people in total you can extract, which should give you a head start in MGS5 when it’s time to start building Snake’s new Mother Base. You can extract regular soldiers too, but it’s unknown whether they will appear. Look for the 'save data upload' option on GZ's main menu to ensure your progress is carried over.

We'll have a review of Metal Gear Solid 5 as soon as Konami send us PC code, but the response so far—based on reviews of the console version—has been overwhelmingly positive. If this will be your first Metal Gear and you're confused about the plot, don't worry: here's our guide to the basics of the story so far.

You can see MGS5's Mother Base in action below.

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