Prefer a loud keyboard? These mechanical models with RGB are as low as $25

Prefer a loud keyboard? This compact mechanical model with RGB is only $25
Save $33 on Aukey's tenkeyless KM-G14 with clicky Blue switches with this deal. (Image credit: Aukey)

Some of the best gaming keyboards command prices in the $100 to $200 range, but if you're looking for something quite a bit more affordable while remaining in the realm of mechanical planks, good news: a couple of Aukey mechanical keyboards are on sale, including the compact KM-G14, which you can buy for just $25 shipped.

The KM-G14 carries an MSRP of $57.99 and is marked down to $49.99 on Aukey's website. However, the much deeper discount comes after applying coupon code AUTUMN50 at checkout, which knocks 50% off the sale price. So what starts off as a reasonably priced keyboard turns into a super-affordable deck.

Aukey KM-G14 Mechanical Keyboard | Tenkeyless | Blue Switches |$57.99$25 at Aukey (save $32.99)AUTUMN50
Compact Mechanical...

Aukey KM-G14 Mechanical Keyboard | Tenkeyless | Blue Switches | $57.99 $25 at Aukey (save $32.99)
Here's a super-affordable mechanical keyboard with loud Outemu Blue switches and RGB lighting. It's also compact, trading a dedicated number pad for a smaller footprint. Use coupon code AUTUMN50 at checkout for the full discount.

This keyboard employs Outemu Blue switches, which are cheaper alternatives to Cherry's MX Blue switches. They share similar characteristics—namely, both have a tactile feel when pressing the keys, and both deliver an audible click that I personally find satisfying. If it's a quieter keyboard you're after, this is not it. But on the flip side, if you enjoy a louder typing experience reminiscent of the IBM Model M days, this is a low-priced option.

Bear mind that this is a tenkeyless (TKL) plank, meaning it trades a dedicated number pad for a shorter profile. It also lacks discrete media controls and gaming/macro keys that you're bound to find on more expensive models. However, you can bind macros to the regular set of keys, and customize the RGB backlighting.

If you prefer a full-size keyboard with a number pad intact, you can snag Aukey's KM-G12 for nearly the same price (read what our friends at Tom's Hardware had to say about this model).

Aukey KM-G12 Mechanical Keyboard | Full-Size | Blue Switches |$54.99$27.99 at Aukey (save $27)
Full-Size Mechanic...

Aukey KM-G12 Mechanical Keyboard | Full-Size | Blue Switches | $54.99 $27.99 at Aukey (save $27)
If you can't do without a number pad, the KM-G12 is a full-size alternative to the KM-G14 for around the same price (no coupon code needed for this one).

There's no coupon code need for this one—Aukey has it marked down from $54.99 to $27.99, also with free shipping. It's similar to the KM-G14, except it's longer because of the number pad. You still get per-key RGB lighting and the same Outemu Blue switches with a 1.8mm actuation point (slightly shorter than Cherry MX Blues, which actuate at 2.2mm).

Both of these are serviceable options, and neither will leave you feeling as though you overspent on a keyboard.

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