Postcards from Stratis: how to take fancy screenshots in Arma 3

Now you know what to do, where should you go? Here are a few suggestions for scenic spots.

Twin Suns

Time: 4.15am

Map Grid: 065051

This is all about timing. Capturing the flare from the lighthouse just before the daylight stops it from beaming and lining it up with the rising sun was a pretty delicate operation.

A New Reef

Time: 12.00

Map Grid: 014047

At the end of the airport's runway is a crashed Osprey. It's very easy to spot, as the left prop is sticking up out of the water. I set the time to midday to give as much below surface light as possible.


Time: 4.15am

Map Grid: 045088

One of the better places to enjoy the sunset is the 'Kill Farm'. I hope that's Mr and Mrs Kill's farm. The fun thing about having civilian character is they look like tourists. This guy is just having a chill.

Up In The Sky

Time: 19.53pm

Map Grid: 043038

Spawn a character anywhere on the map and cut and paste this into the initialisation field: player setPos [4363.82,3894.28, 1000.781]; player setDir 302.92; 0 setOvercast 0.3; setDate [2035,7,6,19,53];

Then cut and paste this as a 'Radio Alpha' trigger and activate it as soon as the level loads: player exec "camera.sqs"; setAccTime 0.01

That will launch the camera and slow time down enough to take a screenshot.

Metal Canyon

Time: 12.00

Map Grid: 016028

There are a number shipwrecks around the coast, but this is the most photogenic. It's split in two, so you can play with the angles.

The Spartan

Time: 19.45

Map Grid: 026005

The southern most point on the island. If you want to be truly impressed with the engine, stand here and whack the view distance up to maximum. You'll be able to see the lighthouse in the distance.


Time: Unknown

Map Grid: Unknown

Just to remind you that you can take interesting screens without worrying about all this. It's a dynamic game world, so there's always going to be something worth hitting the screenshot key for.

I'm sure you can do much, much better. Be sure to drop your best pics in our forum's screenshot thread .