Portal trailer re-created using Minecraft mod

Back near the start of the internet, in August of last year, we pointed you towards a Portal in Minecraft mod. At the time that post was written, the block-placing indie game was selling thousands of copies a day. Astonishing! Although Minecraft has been almost entirely forgotten since - having proven to be little more than a brief flash in the pan - a second enterprising fellow has created a new, better looking Portal mod and used it to create a parody of the original Portal trailer.

More details and mod download links below.

If you feel like re-visiting an old indie game that never gained lasting appeal, you can download the Portal mod via the official Minecraft forums. Which I assume no one reads any more. The mod and video were created by forum user iChun, and the post there explains how to install the mod, and how to craft your own Portal gun. If you're still looking for more Portal-in-Minecraft, the mod from last year is available from this old thread .

[via BeefJack ]