PopCap releases Solitaire Blitz. It's predictably addictive

Solitaire Blitz Thumbnail

Masters of the moreish, PopCap games have just launched Solitaire Blitz. It's a Facebook game, but a jolly good one which you should probably check out.

Blitz is a time-based affair, similar to the Facebook/iOS take on Bejewelled: Bejewelled Blitz. You'll gather treasures as you match cards in sequences to make runs. I know that sounds incredibly boring, but remember - this is PopCap we're talking about. They've sprinkled their magic dust all over this thing, forcing you to balance moments of extreme panic with those of careful planning. I also find the sound effect when you click the cards extremely satisfying.

I've embedded the trailer below. Watch that if you're the cautious-type, or just visit Solitaire Blitz on Facebook .