Player builds giant face of Sean Murray on a No Man's Sky planet

A player has created a tribute to Hello Games founder Sean Murray in No Man's Sky by carefully arranging construction tiles on a planet's surface. The tribute is pretty big, as you can see from the images above and below, so if you happen to be flying over a planet and spot Murray's face looking back up at you, you're not crazy.

"I got an image of Sean, removed the color, resized it to 37 x 50 pixels, posterized it to 4 levels, then used the resulting image as a guide and counted carefully. Time consuming, but not difficult," tweeted the tribute's creator.

The tribute, and its creator's base, are in the Euclid Galaxy, and the portal address of the planet was provided on twitter in case you want to give it a flyby yourself.

Thanks, Destructoid.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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