Play Where's Moggy in free browser game Hidden Cats

(Image credit: Andreas Wilcox)

If you've ever taken an outdoor-loving cat to a cattery, or the vet, you may have experienced a phenomenon where they disappear, right before you need to take them. It's almost as if they know they're going to be cooped up in a cage for a period of time. Work on your cat-finding skills a little with lovely hidden object game Hidden Cats, where the objects you're detecting are felines with names, and where you play as someone working for a cat sanctuary.

Heavily inspired by Hidden Folks (developer Andreas Wilcox says as much on the game's page), Hidden Cats is another sweet, sketchily drawn adventure game where you're tasked with locating stuff in a cluttered, Where's Wally-esque environment. It's not as interactive or detailed or quite as wonderfully cartoony as Hidden Folks, and after the tutorial area, there's only one scene to investigate, but the environment inside is full of charm, and life, with the cats reclining or messing about in a series of adorably true-to-life poses.

It's those poses you'll need to analyse if you're to find all the missing cats, as they're often facing a different way, rotated this way or that, from the pictures you're given at the bottom of the screen. If you're up to the challenge, give Hidden Cats a play. You can play it for free in your browser.

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Tom Sykes

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