Play The Secret World's Secret War for potential beta access, in-game rewards, mild intrusion

The Secret World Secret War Thumbnail

Funcom have just opened up The Secret World's Secret War . Signing up will put you on the registration list for the upcoming beta.

It's a web-based game that plays out like a basic version of Risk. You'll be deploying your real life Facebook friends instead of little plastic men, They earn points to level you up and unlock in-game items. Annoyingly, it means you'll need to get a lot of friends involved to make a dent on the world. Convenient then, that you'll get XP for recruiting players and unlocking achievements, as detailed in the FAQ .

Funcom are also picking eight random players each week who'll win guaranteed beta access and a trip to Funcom's studio's in Montreal. Winners will get their name implemented somewhere in the game world too.

Annoyingly, the whole thing is powered by Facebook Connect. That means Funcom have access your basic information, profile information and email. It'll also try to post on your Facebook Wall and access your friend's shared info, rendering the whole thing not very secret at all.