Play the Halo: Reach campaign in third person with this mod

It can be hard to tell if you actually look cool while you're trying to save a seemingly doomed planet in Halo: Reach, the first game in the Halo: The Master Chief Collection to launch on PC. Outside of cutscenes, you just need to assume you're not making a fool of yourself. Thanks to AkFumbles third-person mod, however, this is a problem of the past.

The mod plonks the camera behind your Spartan, letting you enjoy the full effect of them stomping around and mowing down Covenant. To play in third person on each map, you'll need to download three sets of files, each with four maps. Players have reported an issue with scopes not working, however, as the camera remains behind the player, so there might be some issues that need ironing out. 

Only the main campaign has been tweaked so far, but AkFumbles is also working on a Firefight version. 

Halo: Reach's PC launch has spawned quite a few mods so far, and while most of them replace the art in the menu and intro, you can also find reshade mods, overhauls and unlock all the customisation options.

Cheers, DSOG.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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