Play Tera for 30 minutes in your browser for free


Some people need to see things for themselves. If our Tera review wasn't enough to convince you one way or another if the new action-combat MMORPG from EnMasse Entertainment is for you, you can test it out yourself with no commitment.

EnMasse teamed up with Gaikai to offer their new demo through your browser, with no download.

The demo allows you to play through the tutorial area of the game on three different classes. It's more useful than it might sound: Tera's tutorial area gives you a level 20 version of the character to sample more of that classes' abilities before investing time into them. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete one playthrough, but the demo will cut off slowpokes after 30 minutes.

I had no problem accessing the demo after a quick Java update and the game played remarkably smooth for being in a different state than the PC running the game. There was a slight delay in my character's responses to my keyboard input--which is more painful in such a timing-heavy game--but it really wasn't too bad.

The video being streamed to you is obviously highly compressed, so don't take the graphics at face value. Find screenshots and high quality video online if you want to see what the game looks like when it's installed.

Although it's a small chunk of content, being able to jump into the game and try out the combat firsthand with no download is a great option for gamers still on the fence.