Play Mass Effect in Minecraft with this official pack

Since Andromeda's disappointing launch, BioWare hasn't had a lot to say about Mass Effect—it's been a bit busy fixing up its other less than warmly received sci-fi romp, Anthem. If you've got an itch for the original trilogy, though, and want to see Shepard and the gang again, you can now hang out with them in Minecraft. 

The Mass Effect Mash-up pack includes 36 character skins, Mass Effect-themed textures and UI, Mars Base Camp and a Mass Effect 3 soundtrack compilation. You can dress up like Shepard, Liara, Wrex and all the gang, and then go beat up the Illusive Man and his Cerberus goons. 

If you're thinking that it's a bit odd for a Mass Effect pack to appear in 2020, especially one inspired by Mass Effect 3, you're not alone. Unfortunately, this isn't an indication that there's more Mass Effect news coming; it's just an old pack being recycled. 

While Microsoft is very much touting this as new and exciting, the Mass Effect Mash-up pack is actually from 2014, where it launched on consoles. This is the first time it's been on PC, however, and its age means there are no nods to Andromeda. Who wants to celebrate the game that put the series in a coma? 

For me, it's actually quite timely, as I've just hit Mass Effect 3 in my latest playthrough of the series. I'm too busy saving the galaxy from the Reapers to muck around in a sandbox, though.

The Mass Effect Mash-up pack is available now for 990 Minecoins. 

Alternatively, you can save your coins and download free Mass Effect skins from Minecraft's diligent modding community. There are loads. And if you're looking for more stuff not related to Mass Effect, hit up our list of the best Minecraft skins.


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