You can play Plants vs. Zombies in WoW: Cataclysm

Plants vs Zombies in WoW

Blizzard have unveiled the latest move in their incessant quest to make sure PC Gamer does as little work as possible. They're putting a Plants vs. Zombies mingame into World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Video below.

The Cynical Brit has posted a 25 minute video of the new game mode in action, which can be found below. There are a few differences to PopCap's super addictive zombie defence game, as the lawnmowers seem to be possessed, the Peashooters are Peaceblooms and the zombies are ghouls. But it's clearly Plants vs. Zombies, complete with hilarious giant tentacle plants that pick up the garden invaders and fling them around like rag dolls. The terrifying thing is that all of this earns you experience, which means the only sunlight I'll be seeing for a while are the small glowing shards released by the sunflowers. Must. Click. Them. All.

Tom Senior

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