Planetside Next is now Planetside 2, new details tomorrow

Planetside 2 - doom clock

It feels like ages since we last saw an ominous gaming countdown clock. Thankfully, Sony have delivered, with this great big ticker for PlanetSide 2, formerly and less sensibly known as Planetside: Next. We can only speculate as to what will happen when the countdown reaches zero. Either the doom-clock will unleash a robot army to trigger a bionic apocalypse, or we'll learn a little bit more about the new PlanetSide game.

Sony have been quiet about PlanetSide 2 since Sony Onlline boss John Smedley let slip its existence last year . Apart from that, there aren't even any images of the game. Yet. If you're too excited and just can't hide it, you can drop a like-bomb on the new PlanetSide 2 Facebook page , why not swing by the the lovely PC Gamer Facebook page while you're there? New Planetside info is set to be revealed at 7pm PDT / 3am BST tomorrow according to the Facebook page, though oddly the countdown is set to expire later than that.

Tom Senior

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