Planetside 2's March roadmap includes quad bike piggybacks, VR Training test zone

Sure, the March update for Planetside 2 brings plenty of features and adjustments - there are new rocket launchers, increased cert points for members and adjusted interface options. Clearly though, the ability to zoom about the continents of Auraxia on your Flash quad bike with a buddy riding pillion is the most notable. Of course, this being a world at war, the extra seat isn't designed purely for BFF hijinks. With their hands free, your passenger can use their weapons to protect your rear flank. Fun and practical.

The update video only collects a few items from the full update . In fact, to mind mind, the most useful addition isn't shown: the VR Training. It's a "safe test zone" designed to let you try vehicles and weapons with no resource cost or cooldown penalty. Finally, a consequence-free way for me to learn how to fly a Mosquito without 1) a near-instant collision, and 2) public humiliation.

The GU04 update is tentatively due to go live next week.

Thanks, EvilAvatar (via VG247 ).

Phil Savage

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