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Planetside 2's anniversary brings birthday bundle, contest to turn player stories into graphic novel

Most one year olds like to celebrate their birthday by falling over or, if they're feeling really adventurous, dribbling a bit. Like an unnaturally violent infant, PlanetSide 2 prefers to arm its players with a selection of rockets, weapons and bonuses. To celebrate their bouncing babby MMOFPS's continued survival, SOE have created a special anniversary bundle, offering a selection of hardware and buffs for a reduced price.

The pack costs 3999 SC, or $39.99, or £24.69, or 86,111 Uzbekistani Som. Inside, you'll get a six month 50% XP boost, itself worth 5000 SC. You'll also get three Platinum Empire Specific Rocket Launchers, and the following collection of weapons:

  • RAMS .50M

  • EM4 Longshot

  • Parallax VX3

  • Serpent VE92

  • LC3 Jaguar

  • Razor GD-23

  • Corvus VA55

  • TAR

  • Carnage BR

PlanetSide 2's European distributor Prosiebensat.1 are planning to mark the occasion in a slightly different way, by re-imagining the best in-game player stories as a dramatic graphic novel , through a competition open to EU players. Maybe we should submit the PC Gamer outfit's heroic and outnumbered assault against the troublesome Vanu upstarts of RPS.

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