Play Planetside 2 with the PC Gamer outfit this weekend!

Rock Paper Shotgun's Jim Rossignol swung by the office a few weeks ago, and while he was here I threw a gauntlet at him. He was so affronted that he immediately challenged us to a Planetside 2 throwdown, pitting RPS' Vanu horde once more against our valiant Terran Republic forces.

Battle will commence on the Miller server in Europe at 7pm BST on this Sunday, the 21st of July. The forums are currently down for maintenance, but you can find more information here when they're back up. It'll probably be enough to be around on Miller on Sunday night, but I'll update this post with final details when they come in.

There's a decent chance that we're going to be substantially outnumbered, so it doesn't matter if you've not played much PS2: if you fire in any direction you're guaranteed to hit something allied with RPS. Also, you'll be fighting for the underdog. Everybody likes an underdog.

Chris Thursten

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