Planetside 2 trailer introduces the swamp continent of Hossin

Planetside 2 already has the ice world, the desert world, and the kind of bland greenery world. What's next on the video game bingo card of potential environments? Water world? Too soggy. Lava world? Too deadly. Dinosaur world? Too... awesome? Instead, they've gone with the slightly less common swamp world, introducing the boggy fourth continent of Hossin during last weekend's SOE Live event.

As with other continents, Hossin will introduce three new Battle Islands, and will also have a mazelike Interlink Facility. That facility will use lightbridges as a defensive structure, plunging players to their death as long as their faction doesn't hold the control room.

Approximately one third of Hossin is now available on the test server. No official release date has been given for the fourth continent.

Thanks Ten Ton Hammer (via VG247 ).

Phil Savage

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