PlanetSide 2 merges servers, launches web-based stat service

PlanetSide 2

Do you know what the ever-wars of Auraxis needs? More wars. SOE seems to think so, at least, and Creative Director Matt Higby posts word of a few server merges taking place next week to help supersize battles raging in low-population realms during peak hours.

"Right now, we have a lot of disparity between populations on our servers," Higby writes. "Some are highly populated with active fights across all continents, and some are not. This is a factor of which servers were most popular at launch and players gravitating to one or two servers per locale. Now that the crush of new players from launch and the holidays has died down, and our server populations and incoming new players have stabilized, we have a good idea of where each server stands in terms of player and empire population, and we can model merges to optimize them."

For West Coast players, the Genudine server rolls into Helios. Over on the East Coast, SolTech combines with Mattherson, and Jaeger fuses with Waterson. The European Lithcorp server joins with Cobalt, and Mallory merges with Ceres.

Higby states the merging process will occur seamlessly without any additional requirements from players. SOE hopes for a "more consistent and full server population during off-peak hours and a more players to support better utilization of all of the continents in the game" as a result, but it'll also soon offer transfer tokens for affected soldiers wishing to join the fight somewhere else.

Also rolling out of SOE's engineering depot is the new Players stat tracking site, a Battlelog-esque center to keep tabs on your weapon and vehicle performance , your leaderboard rankings , and your home server's territory control . Looks like the fanatical Vanu are currently crowding the lawful sectors of the glorious Terran Republic on my server (Connery). I better get on that.

Omri Petitte

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