Planetside 2 introduces weekly updates

Sony Online Entertainment has been pretty good about updating Planetside 2 . As part of its Operation: Make Faster Game (OMFG) it released Performance Update 01 and 02, which addressed a very long list of balancing and performance issues. But players had to wait for them for a long time. This week, SOE announced that rather than huge, infrequent updates, starting this year it will release smaller weekly updates.

“We'll be [able to] more rapidly respond to bugs and balance issues in the game without having to rely on hotfixes as much,” Planetside 2 Creative Director Matt Higby wrote on the game's official forums . “We'll also be able to release new content more frequently and consistently. Each individual update will be smaller and more focused, with fewer moving parts that can break, which we hope will greatly decrease the number of bugs being introduced when we update.” As part of this new policy, SOE will also update and playtest on Planetside 2's Test servers a lot more often.

Higby assured the community that SOE is still working on bigger features and content, and that they'll be slotted into the weekly schedule as they're ready to be released. He also said that the first couple of weekly updates will be smaller than they will be in the future as the development team emerges from a holiday haze.