PlanetSide 2 chills out with weekend launch of Esamir continent

PlanetSide 2 Esamir

Sony Online Entertainment announced today that PlanetSide 2's second continent, Esamir, will become available this weekend for beta players. As an aesthetic and structural departure from Indar's rocky gulches and dusty canyons, Esamir brings a theme of expansive spaces, majestic ice spires clawing into the sky, and frozen tundras. Bring gloves.

Esamir's harsher environment considerably widens the gap between man-made structures and bases for increased travel time and a slower rate of engagement in comparison to Indar. That means more units hunkering in settlements against the cold and an increased importance in coordinated attacks through various angles. Or you can just throw tanks at the problem until victory is achieved.

New certifications for vehicles and weapons alongside the always-pleasing addition of new gun sidegrades accompany Esamir's deployment. Now let's all freeze in our color-coded armor together.

Omri Petitte

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