Planetside 2 beta sign-ups now live

Planetside 2

Sony are taking beta sign-ups for Planetside 2 beta right now. Massively mention that you can drop your name in the hat on the Planetsdie 2 beta page . Simply sign in with your Sony Online Entertainment Station login details for a chance of grabbing a spot. If you don't have a login, you can set up an account pretty quickly here . Of all the games you could get into early next year, Sony's massive MMOFPS sequel is a very hot ticket.

The beta application will only take your email address, for now. A note from SOE that appears during the signup process says that the beta will be "ramping up slowly" testers will be under a non disclosure agreement to begin with. It sounds as though Planetside 2's development is going smoothly. "A few weeks ago after a lot of really intense work we completed a major internal milestone on the game," writes creative director Matthew Higby in a recent blog post. "Everyone here at SOE is seriously stoked on where the game is at and where we're heading."

Planetside 2 is an exciting prospect. It'll feature battles between hundreds of players on eight-by-eight kilometre continents . Find out more in our Planetside 2 preivew .

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