Planetary Annihilation shatters Kickstarter target, sails on towards stretch goals

Planetary Annihilation has sailed past its Kickstarter target with the speed and grace of an asteroid sliding into impact trajectory. The $900,000 goal has been met but there are 15 days left on the clock. Now the team are asking for more donations to meet their stretch goals, which will give them the money to add naval units and water planets at $1.1m, and gas giants at $1.3m.

Uber have released a video update to express their delight. A coffee cup is thrown, shades are removed dramatically, a bright red hat is donned. They seem genuinely chuffed. Here, have a look.

And here they are programming their party robot:

Planetary Annihilation is being built by a seasoned team of former Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation developers. It warms my robot heart to see echoes of SupCom's commander units in Planetary Annihilation's cheery robots. Battles take place across a series of nearby planets. Local asteroids can be colonised, mined and turned into huge kinetic weapons with a few well placed thruster units. The announcement video provides a "visualisation" of what such an attack would look like in-game.

You can still help Uber out with a donation. There's a $1 minimum, but if you pay $20 you'll get a copy when the game comes out sometime next year. For more on Uber's plans for their epic RTS, check out our Planetary Annihilation interview .

Tom Senior

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