Planetary Annihilation gets big update, new release date set for "when it's done"

Uber Entertainment has announced a substantial new beta build for Planetary Annihilation, which has been available on Steam Early Access since September. Last week, it also said that it's delaying the release of the game until "it's done."

First, the good news. In addition to a lot of little bug fixes and tweaks, the latest update brings some significant improvements to the inter-planetary real-time strategy game. Most notably, these include Twitch.TV integration, a complete overhaul of the Orbital Camera, and Interplanetary Nukes, which allow bodies in orbit to nuke each other. You can find a more detailed list of additions and improvements on the official site .

Now for the bad news—for the impatient, at least. Uber said it was grateful the support of its many backers, but that it's postponing release "in order to deliver the best possible experience to our future and current players." It will now be published "when it's done," but Uber expects Planetary Annihilation will be feature-complete in early 2014.

Planetary Annihilation was made possible by a very successful Kickstarter campaign, easily surpassing its goal of $900,000 with a total of $2,229,344. It then collected even more money when it hit Steam Early Access at the price of $80, which has since dropped to $60. As we reported in May , Uber's original plan was to launch the finished game in December.