Planetary Annihilation available for tiered pre-order, $60 tier and up grants early access

If you missed out on the quite successful Kickstarter for Uber's celestial-body-colliding RTS, Planetary Annihilation, pre-orders are now available with a few bonuses thrown in (barring the actual moon crashing into the actual earth before this summer). Three tiers are available on Uber's own store , priced at $40, $60, and $90. The two higher tiers will grant you access to the game earlier — though you may want to read our recent Face Offs on paid betas and early adopters before you let that influence your decision.

All three tiers, beginning with the $40 Combat Edition, will get you a download code, a digital copy of the soundtrack, and a Theta Commander in-game unit that is only available to pre-orders. Adding on an extra $20 for the Warfare Edition buys you beta access, and... well, actually, that's it. Throw down another $30 for the Galactic Edition, and you'll get in at the alpha stage, along with a download code for a digital art book. At $90, that's a fair bit less than what you'd pay for, say, a top-tier physical Collector's Edition, but it's still more than double the price of the game itself to get in the gate early.

If you're still in the dark about Planetary Annihilation, we have a big, meaty interview from back when it was first announced, plus a podcast episode highlighting our impressions, hopes, and dreams.