Plague Inc: Evolved nears its final form

Plague Inc. Evolved

Usually, if a virus stops adapting, it's finished. Fittingly, Plague Inc: Evolved will receive its final Early Access update on February 18, wrapping up two years of development. To their credit, the devs have implemented each and every feature they pledged at the start of the project in addition to requests from players.

Evolution (update) 18, which will take Plague, Inc to version 1.0, will introduce co-op mode to Steam's premiere pandemic simulator, joining the head-to-head play added in December. You and a pal take charge of two different diseases and attempt to bring down civilisation in tandem. That feels a bit unfair on humanity, but I do have a vested interest in not being riddled with disease. Fine detail on the update can be found on Plague's Steam community page.

40,224,866,097,135,818 people have been infected by Plague, Inc players. Here's to many more.