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place warning signs fortnite
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Fortnite season 7 week 14 is here, and the new legendary quests are asking you to place warning signs around the Fortnite map. You'll need to find four total warning signs spread across three different locations.

Season 7's alien invasion is definitely heating up, so these weekly challenges are getting a little more intense. It seems like Dr. Sloane is trying to make sure everyone on the island is ready for the final confrontation, dubbed "Operation Sky Fire."

But finding these warning signs can be a pain. They're pretty easy to miss, given their slim, short stature. So we've built this guide to help you find them all. Keep in mind that each location only has three warning signs, but you'll need to place four, so you may need two matches to finish this challenge unless you hoof it.

Read for the full guide on where to place warning signs.

Place warning signs: Pleasant Park

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Warning sign 1: Southwest corner of the park, on the sidewalk.

Warning sign 2: Opposite side of the park, on the southeast corner.

Warning sign 3: Northeast corner of Pleasant Park, in front of the house's east side.

Place warning signs: Dirty Docks

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Warning sign 1: The sidewalk leading to the container yard.

Warning sign 2: Around the corner from the first warning sign, to the right, on the north side of the central building.

Warning sign 3: On the sidewalk more to the northwest part of Dirty Docks.

Place warning signs: Misty Meadows

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Warning sign 1: On the corner of the sidewalk on the west side of town by the base of the clocktower.

Warning sign 2: Just a couple yards southwest of the fountain on the east side of town.

Warning sign 3: Further north on the east side of town, on the left sidewalk.

Once you've interacted with four warning signs, you'll receive a healthy 30,000 XP that should boost your battle pass about one level or more.

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