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Phalanstery is a cyberpunk point-and-click adventure

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This is Phalanstery, an upcoming game its creator, 'lectronice', describes as "Cyberpunk adventures in a modular city where the freedom and privileges of inhabitants are physically defined by their social network." That makes it sound dark and dystopian, but a look at the scene above of a character 3D printing a big black "Syndicoat" to wear suggests its tone may be much more in line with the classic adventure games—which is to say, delightfully goofy.

Here's our hero going to a bar with a blinking neon sign to order a drink called a 'Russian multitool'. So, like a white Russian but with grease in it? Yum.

And here's what looks like a hacking minigame, because you gotta have one of those. All it needs now is a flying car or a motorbike in primary colors and we've ticked all the boxes. There are plenty of cyberpunk games around, but what we really need is one that pokes fun at the genre's sillier aspects. Phalanstery could be that game. It's due out in 2018, although lectronice adds "let's be optimistic!"

Jody Macgregor
Jody Macgregor

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