Peter Molyneux: "Minecraft is one of the greatest innovations I've seen in gaming in the past ten years"

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Creative director of Microsoft Game Studios, Peter Molyneux, has confessing his love for Notch's indie hit, Minecraft.

Read on for the details.

Speaking exclusively to PC Gamer a few weeks ago, Molyneux said, Notch's indie is "One of the greatest innovations I've seen in gaming in the past ten years... Minecraft breaks all the rules of a game; it's got a very hard learning curve at the start, there's no leveling up, there's no mission structure, there's no experience, there's very few measurable things in there and yet it's hugely successful."

The lead designer of the Fable series also admitted that he's "Probably played more Minecraft over the last three months than any other game."

Fable 3's PC release date has just been confirmed as May 17. Thankfully, it's ditching Games For Windows Live exclusivity and will now also be available on Steam and as a boxed version in real-life "stores". Read the full report in PC Gamer UK issue 227 - on-sale now.

According to Molyneux, developers can sometimes be throttled by the forumulaic nature of modern game design: "I have these conversations with people all the time, they'll say "What are the core pillars of the game?" What are the first five seconds of enjoyment?", "What's the levelling up score?" It's as if they've got a bible of design which your game has to fit into and quite clearly things like Minecraft don't fit into that at all."