PC way more popular with devs than next-gen consoles according to poll

Gamasutra's survey of Game Developers Conference attendees shows some startlingly pronounced changes to the industry - changes which are extremely good news if you happen to own a PC. 49% of attendees are making their next game for PC and Mac while just 11% said they were developing games for PS4 and the next Xbox.

Blimey! Even last-gen consoles did better than that, scoring 13% for Sony and 13.2% for Microsoft.

It's a big swing to PC: a much smaller chunk - 34.6% - made their last game for PC. This probably also reflects the massive migration away from AAA development towards indie: 53% identified themselves as indies, and just over half of those said they'd been indies for less than two years. And where better to publish your indie game than PC?

Have a poke at Gamasutra's number s: lots of other interesting stats found therein.