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PC Gamer's terrifying Battle Bus is why you should play ArmA 2

bus bus oh god the war bus

While other, less war-hungry citizens of Earth were watching a movie awards show last weekend, our insane ArmA 2 community was violating seven protocols of the Geneva Convention by taking over an entire country with a weaponized bus. Here's a video of how we did it.

One of the mad scientists of our ArmA 2 community, Hypnotoad , created a custom mission for Operation Arrowhead. Using ArmA 2's "attachto" script, he used game logic to weld an absurd amount of fixed guns to one of our favorite, impractical combat transports: the passenger bus. Hypnotoad is the confident gentleman at the beginning telling us to "expect everything" as we prepare to embark. Now, witness the power of this fully armed and operational Battle Bus.

Secondary thanks to PCG intern alum Mike Quach for recording these antics.

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