PC Gamer wants YOU for the Coconut Monkey army! [HoN, BLC]


All your life, you've known that you were born to be a leader. But you never yet got the chance to rise up and guide your fellow gamers, forming alliances with bonds stronger than blood. That is, until today. PC Gamer wants you to enlist in the Coconut Monkey army, becoming the leader you were destined to be. If you consider yourself a dedicated, amicable general in Heroes of Newerth or Bloodline Champions, it's time to answer the call.

We're looking for clan leaders for the Coconut Monkeys in HoN and BLC, with one or two for each game. Applying is simple: just shoot us an email at letters@pcgamer.com with the subject line "I want to be a PCG Clan Leader," and be sure to include your in-game account name, how often you play, and a brief description of why you think you're leadership material.

You'll help us organize game nights, accept new members, and spread the PC Gamer gospel. And though we can't promise something for all the applicants, let's just say there are some perks to becoming a PCG clan leader. If you've got what it takes, soldier, then send us that email, pronto!