PC Gamer US Podcast #260: Good old free games

When the entire PC Gamer crew finds themselves backed up against a metaphorical wall made entirely of deadlines, review trips and sicknesses, the ever-bold Dan Stapleton makes a desperate move to save the holy PCG trinity of magazine, website and podcast. By sacrificing all of his comrades to Chronos, the ancient god of time, he has temporarily gained the power to travel through time. First, he used his powers to spook past versions of himself by hiding in his own closet and whispering what would happen to him the next day in a totally creepy voice.

After he grew tired of that, Dan (now technically considered a demigod) decided to use his powers for good. Such as traveling back to Monday in order to interview Good Old Games 's Managing Director, Guillaume Rambourg about how things are going over at the retro game store nowadays, what it's like to sell games that are DRM-free, and their plans for releasing Witcher 2 DRM-free right when the game is released. Dan wants to help you too: he'll be traveling back in time to give 10 listeners free games! Find out how you can earn the favor of Demigod Dan and pocket a free game on this week's podcast!

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PC Gamer US Podcast 2260: Good old free games


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