PC Gamer US May issue: Fable Legends

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Fable Legend's intriguing premise is simple: four co-op heroes face off against a player-controlled villain with an army at their beck and call. After playing both hero and villain, we examine Lionhead's new take on the Fable world in this month's six-page cover feature. Elsewhere, we get strategic with Sid Meier's Starships and Hearts of Iron IV, hit the open roads of American Truck Simulator, and run down the best things to do in GTA V when it releases.

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This month we...

  • Investigate Lionhead's new spin on the Fable universe.
  • Look ahead to Hearts of Iron IV, Besiege, Mortal Kombat X, Darkest Dungeon, Sword Coast Legends, and Offworld Trading Company.
  • Get excited about 20 things we'll get to do when GTA 5 finally hits PC.
  • Investigate the zen-like qualities of American Truck Simulator in our in-depth four page preview.
  • Review Evolve, Sunless Sea, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, Dying Light, Grow Home, and Life is Strange.
  • Put some top-flight SSDs on trial in Tech Supertest.
  • Endured wizard clamities of our own making in Chaos Reborn in Now Playing.
  • Check out Outer Wilds and other great free games in Top Ten Downloads.
  • Reinstall the beautifully atmospheric but haphazardly plotted Blade Runner adventure game.

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