PC Gamer US August issue

The time to stick with the prod is over. The new Deus Ex is our cover this month, and it's sleek, shiny, and doesn't mind breaking a few eggs - a little like PC Gamer, then. We've got a huge six-page preview for your conspiracy-hungry eyeballs, packed with gorgeous screens, honest impressions, and enlightening quotes from the daring developers at Eidos Montreal.

But if bionic shades don't grab you, how about MMOs you can play with your kids? Josh has found nine free worlds you can enter with urchins in tow. We've reviewed Alpha Protocol, Split/Second, and The Sims 3: Ambitions, and we've played three new missions of the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty singleplayer campaign. We've even written about what they were like! We're thinking of calling it a "pre-viewing" of the game. Tell us what you think.

We've had to endure much, you and I, but soon there will be order again. Speaking of order, you can click here to order a subscription to the mag. Or if you're already a subscriber, click here to login to your customer account , to change your details, deliver address, etc.


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