PC Gamer UK December issue: The Future of Minecraft

The winter nights have cast their frosty pall across the land. What's that shadowy shape lurching through the gloom? With its dark square eyes! With its grimacing maw! But, don't fear the Creeper. This green and grisly ghoul stars on the wallet for our spectacular December issue, which is packed with insider knowledge on Mojang's blockbuster indie hit Minecraft - its past, its future, and all the other projects simmering behind the scenes at the House of Notch.

One of which is the clever card-battler Scrolls - and we're giving that away free with the mag! And not only that: we'll be giving away access to the mech-wrecking Hawken beta, too. Blimey.

Issue 246 is on shelves this Friday and will be available digitally soon. There's also always the option to subscribe and get each issue delivered to your door, earlier and for less money! Sweet. Hit the jump to see the exclusive subs cover, and discover what other treats await: news, previews, reviews, retrospectives, tech tests and more!

This month we...

  • get in-depth and hands-on with Hitman: Absolution, Assassin's Creed III, Blade and Soul, Far Cry 3 and more
  • take a long look back at Dota 1's glorious ascendancy
  • ask indie experts for their guide to game making
  • drop scores on Dishonored, Fifa, Torchlight, FTL, War of the Roses, XCOM, 30 Flights of Loving and more
  • test the best motherboards available
  • learn the levers of Source Filmmaker
  • revisit Ultima Underworld
  • and loads more!

That's more than enough to keep your cockles cosy until our next issue goes on sale on 15 November. Enjoy!