PC Gamer UK August issue: Civilization VI

Firaxis carries the weight of a storied franchise on its shoulders as it works away on Civ VI. Naturally, we upped the pressure by finding out exactly how it plans to make the ultimate Civ game and stuck it on our front cover.

Though E3 has passed, it left us with a wealth of big games to pore over: we give Quake Champions, Resi 7, Mass Effect Andromeda, Watch Dogs 2 and many more their chance to shine. Who knows, they might have starred in our feature on PC gaming's best writing if only they'd been out sooner.

Looking to the hard stuff, we analyse the mighty GTX 1080, declare the best gaming laptop, and, with Forza Horizon 3 on its way to PC, debate the best racing wheel for your rig.

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This month:

  • Civilization VI.
  • E3 round-up: Quake Champions, Resident Evil 7, Mass Effect: Andromeda and more.
  • Great writing in PC games.
  • The best gaming laptops.
  • The GTX 1080 reviewed.
  • How Twitch and ARK are leading a roleplay server resurgence.
  • Overwatch special review.
  • Racing wheel group test.
  • More maps for the original Doom.
  • Quake II reinstalled.
  • And much more!
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