PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 23: The weird world of Skyrim mods

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Hey gamers, welcome to this week's episode of the PC Gamer Chat Log podcast! We've been doing this for almost six months now, can you believe it? Whether you've been listening since the first episode or tuning in for the first time, thanks for sticking around!

This week, we've brought back Chris Livingston, PC Gamer's connoisseur of gaming's more bizarre ongoings. We're talking to him all about Skyrim mods, from the oddly specific fixes to the down-right horny. 

Skyrim is easily one of the most malleable, moddable games in recent history. It's become somewhat of a medieval, dragon-filled dollhouse for gamers to install a shocking number of mods and completely change the entire look and feel of the game. There are some genuinely excellent quality-of-life fixes out there, some mods that could only be described as "minor fault that annoyed one guy so much they fixed it," and some rather weird additions of both SFW and NSFW variety.

Chris even put together a fun quiz on which Skyrim mods are real and which ones he made up. Turns out it's quite hard to make up ridiculous Skyrim mods because the chances are it already exists. Who'd have thought?

As always, Lauren and I have our pre-podcast check-in, too. Join us as we share which games we've been playing this week, and talk a little bit about Palia, an upcoming cozy MMO we both had the opportunity to play back in July. Don't forget to let us know what you've been playing this week, too!

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