PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 19: Toss a coin to your Witcher

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Welcome back to the PC Gamer Chat Log Podcast! Or if it's your first episode, hey there, welcome! Hope you enjoy our little show. This week we're bringing in our resident Witcher expert Lauren Aitken to talk about the third season of the Netflix show. 

Lauren's read all the books, played the games, watched the TV show and has the tattoo sleeve to prove it, and she's here to give us the lowdown on some of the lore changes as well as offer her thoughts on how season three is shaping up and what we can expect in the future. With me being a total Witcher newbie and Lauren Morton falling somewhere in the middle, we've all got some thoughts on Henry Cavill's final escapade around the Continent before he passes the sword onto Liam Hemsworth.

Which characters are we loving this season, and how are we feeling about Yen, Ciri and Geralt trying to play happy family? What did we think about the production: The wigs, the special effects, Yen's terrifying purple eyes? With politics, redemption arcs and magical teens going through their emo phase abound, we try and recap as much as we can about how the first volume has gone so far.

Don't forget to join us at the beginning of the podcast too, where Lauren and I do our weekly catchup. Sit down with us to see what we've been playing (or not playing) over the last week, and other random anecdotes. Maybe you can share with us which games have been taking over your life in the past seven days, too.

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Mollie Taylor
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