PC Gamer Chat Log Episode 11: Rizzing up our favourite videogame beaus

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It's another episode of the PC Gamer Chat Log podcast! This week, we've roped in associate editor Ted Litchfield, the expert in all things virtual romance. We're chatting all about RPG love affairs and our favourite videogame squeezes.

At this point, it feels like RPG and romance go hand in hand. After all, what's a bit of world-saving without a few smooches along the way? We talk about a few of the major presiders over the RPG romance like BioWare and CD Projekt Red and how much we either love or hate their eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.

Were their romance systems actually good, though? What even is a good romance system? Why are so many videogame characters easily wooed by being repeatedly spammed with the same gift? We talk about so-called "vending machine romances" versus ones that actually test your memory and knowledge of characters' personalities and which one we actually prefer. 

Not all romances are intentional though, and we talk about which of our accidental love stories are our fave. We also confess that we may get a little too defensive over who we knock virtual boots with in these games, because nothing's more precious than a bundle of romantic polygons.

As always, Lauren and I kickstart the podcast by letting you all know what we've been up to this week. Surprise! I actually did something that wasn't playing Tekken 7 or hitting the arcade for once. Okay, I still did those things. But I added a little variety for once, okay?

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Mollie Taylor
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