Payday owner Starbreeze to publish System Shock 3

Besides mention of a "dream" development team and scant details of its basic premise, information on Otherside Entertainment's System Shock 3 (not to be confused with Nightdive Studios' System Shock remake) has been thin on the ground since its official reveal in 2015. We still don't know an awful lot about the incoming sci-fi shooter, but we do know Payday owner Starbreeze has partnered with Otherside as the game's publisher. 

This will see the Swedish outfit investing $12 million into the project in order to bring the game to PC and other platforms, whereby Starbreeze stands to recoup 120 percent of its investment including marketing costs. While Otherside will retain retail full rights of the System Shock 3 name, Starbreeze will be entitled to 50 percent of sales revenues once its investments is returned. 

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Starbreeze for System Shock 3," Otherside’s CEO Paul Neurath said in a statement. "They truly get games and gamers, and have been able to translate that understanding into a robust publishing business, and build thriving gaming communities around their franchises."

System Shock 3 is in its early concept stages of development—but could this partnership pave the way for some outlandish crossovers down the line, à la Payday 2? Probably not (hopefully not?), but I guess time will tell.