Path of Exile two-week charity race event starts raising money for Child's Play from Saturday

Never let it said that violence can't be for a good cause. Starting this Saturday, Path of Exile will offer its players the chance to participate in a new Ambush/Invasion race event. So far, so biffy-'n-bashy. The difference is that this particular slaughterfest is all in the name of charity. Throughout the event, an exclusive new helmet skin will be made available for purchase, and 100% of its proceeds will be donated to Child's Play.

As an incentive to take part, a random draw will award prizes from the pool of players who reach the following ranks:

  • Level 15: 100x Stash Tab Bundles

  • Level 20: 100x Premium Stash Tab Bundles

  • Level 25: 10x Razer Mice

  • Level 30: 5x Razer Keyboards

  • Level 35: 5x NVIDIA High-performance Graphics Cards

  • Level 50: 10x Sets of all Seraph Microtransactions (Armour pieces, Wings, Weapon Effect and Footprint Effect)

  • Level 65: 5x Sets of Signed Prints of Original Early Concept Art

  • Level 85: 1x One hour private Q&A on Skype with Chris, Jonathan and Erik

Players can participate in multiple tiers, so you won't have to deliberately stop at level 35 just to be in with a chance of the graphic's card.

According to the announcement post , "this event has the properties of both the Ambush and (recently rebalanced) Invasion challenge leagues. That means that you'll encounter enchantable Strongboxes, guest monsters and Invasion bosses as you compete. It's parented to the Invasion league, so you'll be able to continue your character in that league once the race ends." It's also a hardcore event, meaning dead characters will be eliminated.

The Child's Play charity event begins May 10, and will run until May 24th.

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