Path of Exile hits 2 million registered accounts

Path of Exile

Path of Exile's community looks to be quite formidable even before the free-to-play ARPG's full release. It's been in open beta since January, pulling in some impressive numbers from players seeking a return to Diablo 2-like loot and XP mechanics. Topping that is Grinding Gear's announcement today that it's amassed 2 million registered accounts since the open beta began in January.

"We're really pleased with Path of Exile's reception," Grinding Gear Producer Chris Wilson says in a press release. "It blew our expectations out of the water and continues to grow every day. The continued feedback and support from our fans has been great. We expect to add a lot of new content and features during the open beta period as we approach full release later this year."

What's Path of Exile's secret? Perhaps it's Grinding Gear's commitment to designing a game its team members want to play themselves and modeling it after hardcore elements found in Diablo, Titan Quest, and Dungeon Siege. Maybe it's the studio's wise decision to hand out content completely free. Or it just might be the work of each class' colossal passive skill tree stretching across your monitor like a carpet full of candy. It's likely all of the above, and Grinding Gear isn't slowing down on adding new abilities and items leading up to the game's full launch later this year.

Omri Petitte

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