Path of Exile gets Twitch livestreaming capabilities, more gore

Path of Exile

The next game to haul itself onboard the Twitch livestream bandwagon is Path of Exile . The ARPG will allow streaming from within the client, Twitch chat—the whole shebang.

The full details are listed in the 0.11.2 patch notes on the Path of Exile forum , but basically, the Twitch integration is everything you'd imagine it to be. Everything's doable in-game, including Twitch chat and a webcam option to allow for the hilarious streaming of your facial expressions alongside your monster bashing. Linking your Twitch account to your Path of Exile account will also add to the live broadcasting functionality—little clickable icons next to player names will lead straight to their stream.

Twitch integration is just a fraction of patch 0.11.2, with the usual balancing fixes and feature tweaks forming the bulk of the changes. One interesting addition is a new cosmetic microtransaction—the "Extra Gore Weapon Effect," which I have to imagine is a ketchup-squirting sword.