Path of Exile: Ascendancy coming March

Path of Exile Ascendancy Berserker detail
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On March 4, at 12pm PT, the expansive and excellent (opens in new tab) free-to-play action-RPG Path of Exile (opens in new tab) will receive its fourth major expansion: Ascendancy.

The highlight of this xpac is The Lord's Labyrinth, a maze of traps and terrors generated fresh everyday. Die once in the labyrinth's bowels and you'll have to start over, upping the stakes in an already challenging game. Riddling the labyrinth is a series of boss fights with one Emperor Izaro which, intriguingly, promise to evolve based on your actions in previous bouts.


In addition, 19 Ascendancy classes (no half measures, right?) add branches to the massive skill tree, one class unlocked upon each completion of the labyrinth. Andy took a look at the Berserker build (opens in new tab) last month.

All in all, Ascendancy (opens in new tab) aims to demand more brainpower and nimble fingerwork than we've become accustomed to from the dungeon crawling genre.