Park Beyond is a theme park sim that defies the laws of physics

Not content with poking fun at repressive autocrats, Tropico 6 developer Limbic Entertainment has turned its sights to a more timeless opponent of humankind: gravity. The studio’s upcoming management sim Park Beyond hands you the keys to a theme park for you to build, manage, and grow to great commercial heights—all without those pesky physics laws getting in the way.

A new trailer released during the PC Gaming Show 2023 gives us a fresh look at the physics-defying attractions we'll be able to construct: multistory carousels, roller coasters that wrap precariously around mountains, platforms that are practically levitating hundreds of feet above the air, what looks like a fully articulated animatronic statue, and a bunch more zany ideas.

As the trailer’s discount Morgan Freeman voiceover says, they owe their creation to Park Beyond’s "impossification" system, which lets you morph and warp rides without consideration of gravity or technological constraints. In a snazzy roller coaster editor, you can customize your creations with increasingly weird modules—whether that’s a cannon that splits out coaster cars or extra tiers for a swing ride.

It doesn't stop at rides, though. Your park staff can be impossified with bizarre upgrades—think flamethrowing rubbish collectors—and katana-wielding cooks slicing giant kebab skewers into sandwiches.

You’ll also be drawing roads to connect attractions, plonking down streetlamps and benches for visitors to enjoy when they’re not having their tiny minds blown, and painting your park with thematic decorations. You need to hire staff and monitor visitors, too, to ensure they’re enjoying whatever Frankensteinian attractions you’ve created. After all, they’ll only splash out on expensive souvenirs if they’re happy.

A campaign mode will chart your story through eight missions as you manage a series of parks. Sandbox mode, meanwhile, gives you a blank canvas on which to run wild, either with unlimited resources or against set goals and a starting budget. Limbic says there’ll be 13 maps to choose from across four biomes, and you’ll be able to share your impossified creations online or download those of other players to add to your park.

Limbic is releasing Park Beyond on June 16, so it won’t be long before you can become a physics-defying coaster designer.