Paragon enters free open beta today

Paragon, Epic Games’ 5v5 free-to-play MOBA, has followed a strange path since launching into early access earlier this year. At first, its desire to eschew common MOBA conventions seemed admirable, however as time wore on it became clear much change was needed—something Epic discussed at length with Justin Mahboubian-Jones back in June. 

Although it  showed great potential initially, Paragon has a result undergone more iteration that most early access-dwelling games to date. Today, Paragon enters its free open beta phase on PC and celebrates with the following trailer: 

Things have changed quite a bit in the intervening period, but Chris’ extensive primer is nevertheless a good place to start for those of you yet to sample Paragon’s 5v5 third-person deck-building battlegrounds. 

More information on what it’s all about—including how its card system works and a full character roster—can be found on Paragon’s official site. For information on how to download the free beta, head in this direction.