How to build and use a Ranch in Palworld

Palworld Ranch - the character is standing in front of an fenced area filled with wool and eggs
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If you've unlocked the Ranch in Palworld, you might be wondering if it's worth the materials required to craft it. While none of what's required is particularly rare, if you're still quite early on, you may be at the stage where you're having to farm resources yourself to keep up with the demand. The simple answer is yes, it's worth it. 

You might not think you have a huge need for a Ranch right now, but the more production you can automate, the more time you'll have to go out and capture Pals or explore the world. In the long run, it'll help you cut down on farming several hard-to-acquire materials, depending on which Pals you assign. So if you're ready to learn more about farming in Palworld, here's how to make and use a Ranch.

How to craft a Ranch 

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You can unlock the Ranch when you reach level five and use Technology Points to gain access to the blueprint. Once you do, you can find it under the Pal section of the build menu. You'll need the following materials to craft it: 

  •  50 wood
  •  50 stone
  •  50 fiber

It's a pretty large structure so make sure you place it in a big open space, especially as some Pals can be a bit strange about pathfinding and get stuck while grazing. Once it's built, you can begin assigning Pals—or they may well assign themselves if they have the farming work suitability.  

Palworld Ranch: What it produces 

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Much like the other structures you can build at your base, if you want the Ranch to produce anything, you need to have  Pals with the farming work suitability in your base. This is denoted by the little fence symbol, and the Pal's Partner Skill will also mention what material they produce. 

Here are some of the most common Pals that can work on the Ranch:

  • Lamball: Wool
  • Cremis: Wool
  • Chikipi: Eggs
  • Vixy: Pal Spheres, gold coins, arrows
  • Caprity: Red berries
  • Mau: Gold coins
  • Melpaca: Wool
  • Flambelle: Flame Organs
  • Woolypop: Cotton candy
  • Beegarde: Honey
  • Mozzarina: Milk

Since different Pals drop different materials you can have some control over what the Ranch produces based on what Pals you have active in your base.

Both Lamball and Cremis produce Wool but Cremis produces double the amount, which will be very useful early on for crafting armor and clothing. Later on when you start breeding Pals, Mozzarina's milk, Beegarde's honey, and Chikipi's eggs will be very important for making cakes so you can produce lots of Pal eggs.   

I'll be sure to add other ranch-worthy Pals when I find them, but those listed include those that you'll encounter early in the game. 


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