Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ to get Steam release next month

A confession: I dislike almost all of the deified classics of early arcade gaming. Space Invaders? Rubbish. Tetris? Boring. And Pac-Man? Well he can just do one. Fortunately, Namco realised that they'd created an interminably dull top-down avoid-'em-up, and made Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+, which fixed the formula by adding an escalating cacophony of lights, sound, twitch maze navigating action, and - well - fun. Previously it had been locked away in the hidden world of the Windows Store. Now it's now due for a proper PC release, with a Steam listing announcing a late September launch.

Essentially, you're still chasing dots, only now they come in waves - your job being to pick the best line through the maze, creating a train of trailing ghosts as you go. Eventually you'll pop a pill, do an about turn, and destroy your followers in a satisfying combo of points and chomping.

The Steam version is due out 25th September.

Now all that we need is for people to fix the other 'classics'. Space Invaders was eventually improved with the exceedingly weird Space Invaders Infinity Gene - although a PC version is yet to appear. Tetris, for now, remains a lost a cause.

Phil Savage

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