Oxygen Not Included is leaving Early Access on July 30

(Image credit: Klei Entertainment)

After an extended stint in Early Access, Oxygen Not Included is set to launch next week. Developer Klei postponed the launch back in May, and it looks like it's just going to make the second launch window of July by a hair's breadth. 

The colony sim has, not surprisingly, changed quite a bit during its two years in Early Access, sprouting a new skill system, which is a bit more micromanagement intensive; loads of new things to construct, including ranch buildings for the alien critters you can rear; and an automation system that lets you use logic gates and sensors to make things more efficient. 

New for 1.0 are asteroids with random traits, explorable of course, along with a bunch of new biomes and buildings. And while survival will be your biggest concern, you'll also have colony goals that your diligent duplicants will need to work towards. More details on what the launch update includes will be available on the day. 

While Klei's now working on Griftlands, it still has plans for Oxygen Not Included. There's more the developer wants to explore, though it's not yet sharing what that might be. 

Oxygen Not Included is due out on July 30 on Steam and the Epic Games Store

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