Own a slice of Azeroth: Blizzard selling World of Warcraft server blades for charity

World of Warcraft blades for sale

Here's your chance to own and hold a physical chunk of World of Warcraft. Evil Avatar note that Blizzard are selling off hundreds of server blades and donating the proceeds to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital . Each blade comes housed in a smooth special case with a plaque signed by the World of Warcraft team.

Each server blade was once used to support one of WoW's many, many Realms. Blizzard say that the blades on sale are from World of Warcraft's early days, and were been "honorably discharged" when they upgraded their server infrastructure. Check ebay for details on when each Realm is being auctioned off.

The sale is set to run from today through to November 14, and the blade that once housed Steamwheedle Cartel , the home of our enormous and ever-growing WoW guild , is on the list. If you're a long-time WoW player, all of the adventures you've had in Azeroth once likely took place in one of these bits of hardware. It's a great keepsake for dedicated fans, and they're helping charity as well. How much would you pay for a WoW blade?

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